Clinical Imaging supports Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI)

Clinical Imaging is a strong supporter of diversity in science, research and medicine, and is a promoter of inclusion. The journal offers an inclusive and supportive publishing environment and stands against all forms of discrimination, bullying and harassment.

We are proud to state that our editorial team and board has a 65% women / 35% men gender split. Furthermore, all editors share the authority to propose decisions on manuscripts, invite reviewers, and uphold the aforementioned principles at all times.   

We understand that gender is only one aspect of diversity along with geography, age, race, ethnicity, disability, and sexual orientation, among others. Clinical Imaging is committed to attracting, retaining and continuously developing a diverse editorial team at all levels across our editorial board, reviewers and authors that is representative of our readership and the communities we support and represent.

Our 2023 DEI initiatives include:

  • Introducing two new article collections:
    • A Special Collection devoted to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) in Imaging
    • Female RSNA Gold Medalists
  • Improving the diversity of our reviewer pool to be more representative of our authors and readers.
  • Increasing awareness of the DEI learning resources available from Elsevier and the DEI-related activities happening in Clinical Imaging.
  • Adopting the SAGER Guidelines in Clinical Imaging’s Guide for Authors, providing a comprehensive procedure for reporting of sex and gender information in study design, data analysis, results and interpretations.

Clinical Imaging is now calling for papers on topics related to DEI in the field of radiology.

Call for papers: A Special Collection devoted to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) in Imaging

Check out our ongoing article collections celebrating the achievements of women in radiology and highlighting positive family-friendly policies in the field:

Female ACR Gold Medal Winners
Family / medical leave, lactation & other adjacent topics
Female RSNA Gold Medalists (coming soon!)

Clinical Imaging is expanding its reviewer pool. As part of Clinical Imaging’s commitment to improving diversity, we welcome applications from a wide range of backgrounds.  We particularly encourage applications from women and those from an ethnic minority background for this role as these groups are currently under-represented in our reviewer pool.

Call for reviewers: Reviewer Application Form

As part of Clinical Imaging’s DEI efforts, we have gathered a list of learning resources available to you – our authors, reviewers and readers – through Elsevier’s Researcher Academy.

Inclusion and Diversity (I&D) for Researchers

Creating an environment where everyone has an equal opportunity to succeed is critical to the advancement of science. But how does one go about this? Various experts introduce the basic concepts of I&D in 7 comprehensive modules, as well as “how-to” guidance on addressing these issues specifically in academia. These webinars are aimed at anyone in academia who is interested in I&D awareness, education and setting up an I&D program where they work:

Allyship: what it means and how to best advocate inclusion & diversity in science
Inclusion & Diversity in scientific publishing: why it’s a requirement, not a choice
Minorities in STEM: Barriers they face in academia and pathways to allyship
Reflections on making an inclusive research environment
How your research can make an impact on society
How to create impact with patient and public involvement
How to integrate sex, gender, and intersectional analysis into research
Diversity in peer review

Ensuring visibility

With so much new research published each year, it’s never been more important to actively promote your paper. In this series of modules, we share some useful tips to help you increase the visibility of your work. We introduce some of the tools available to support you and help you track your efforts:

How to promote yourself and your research as an Early Career Researcher
Seven strategies for scientists to communicate their research and create a brand
Social Media for Researchers

How to promote your research for maximum impact