Radiologists staunchly support patient safety and autonomy, in opposition to the SCOTUS decision to overturn Roe v Wade


      On June 24th 2022 the US Supreme Court, in a 5-4 decision, overturned Roe v. Wade, the landmark 1973 ruling that established the constitutional right to abortion.
      We are radiologists and medical physicists, many of whom hold or have held leadership roles in our professional community. We are deeply concerned about this erosion of reproductive choice and bodily autonomy across the many States that will now further restrict or even ban access to abortion.
      Radiologists are physicians who use medical imaging - such as ultrasound, CT, and MRI - to diagnose and treat disease. We use imaging to monitor pregnancy from start to finish and have perspective on the myriad of issues that can arise, making us qualified to speak on the importance of bodily autonomy and the right to choose whether or not to proceed with a pregnancy.
      Diagnostic radiologists are experienced in evaluating post-surgical complications and interventional radiologists are thoroughly trained in minimally invasive techniques to stop uncontrolled bleeding and place drains to treat abscesses. “Today, approximately 21 million women around the world obtain unsafe, illegal abortions each year, and complications from these unsafe procedures account for approximately 13% of all maternal deaths, nearly 50,000 annually.”
      The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG). “Facts are important: abortion is healthcare.”'s%20November%202017%20Statement%20of,undue%20interference%20by%20outside%20parties. Accessed May 13, 2022.
      1The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG). “Facts are important: abortion is healthcare.”'s%20November%202017%20Statement%20of,undue%20interference%20by%20outside%20parties. Accessed May 13, 2022.
      These are our patients, and their morbidity and mortality is entirely preventable with access to safe and legal abortion.
      We support our patients, of all genders, in making their own informed decisions about their healthcare and management. We urge lawmakers and policy makers to ensure access to reproductive health including safe, legal abortion to all who need these essential healthcare services.
      Aditya Karandikar, MD
      A.J. Mariano, MD
      Adam A. Dmytriw, MD, MPH, MSc
      Agnieszka Solberg, MD
      Alan H. Matsumoto, MD
      Alda L. Tam, MD
      Alexandra H. Fairchild, MD
      Alexia Tatem, MD, MPH
      Alexie Riofrio, MD
      Alice Fung, MD
      Alice Zhou, MD
      Alison Roth, PhD
      Allison Gittens, MD
      Ami A. Shah, MD
      Amie Y. Lee, MD, FSBI
      Amina Farooq, MD
      Amit Chakraborty, MD
      Amy C. Taylor, MD
      Amy Killeen, MD
      Amy L. Kotsenas, MD, FACR
      Amy Lynn Conners, MD
      Amy Oliveira, MD
      Anand Narayan, MD, PhD
      Andi Senter, MD
      Andrea A. Birch, MD, FACR
      Andrew Bruner, MD
      Aneesa Majid, MD, MBA, FSIR
      Angela Tong, MD
      Anika L. McGrath, MD
      Anjali Malik, MD
      Ann Leylek Brown, MD
      Anna Nidecker, MD
      Anne C. Hoyt, MD
      Anne Roberts, MD
      Arjun Patel, MD
      Arthur Fleischer, MD, FACR, FAIUM, FSRU
      Asha Sarma, MD
      Ashley Hastings-Robinson, MD
      Babak Rejaie, MD
      Bahar Mansoori, MD
      Bamidele F. Kammen, MD
      Benjamin Meyer, MD
      Beth Vettiyil, MD
      Beth Zigmund, MD
      Bindu Avutu, MD, MPH
      Brian Latimer, MD, PhD
      Brian Park, MD
      Brooke Morrell, MD
      Bruce Curran, MS, ME
      Cameron Henry, MD
      Camilo Jaimes, MD
      Cara Connolly, MD
      Caroline Robson, MBChB
      Carolyn C. Meltzer, MD, FACR
      Carolynn DeBenedectis, MD
      Cassy L. Cook, MD
      Catherine Everett, MD, MBA, FACR
      Catherine H. Phillips, MD
      Chelsea Dunning, PhD
      Chelsea Neesham, MD
      Cheri L. Canon, MD, FACR, FSAR
      Christian Fauria-Robinson, MD
      Christie M. Lincoln, MD
      Christine Dove, MD
      Christine Glastonbury, MBBS
      Christine Rehwald, MD
      Christopher Hess, MD, PhD
      Christopher Murphy, MD
      Christy Pomeranz, MD
      Claudia F.E. Kirsch, MD, PhD
      Cody Quirk, MD
      Constantine M. Burgan, MD
      Courtney Scher, DO
      Courtney Tomblinson, MD
      Cristina Fuss, MD
      Cynthia Santillan, MD
      Dania Daye, MD, PhD
      Daniel B. Brown, MD, FSIR
      Daniel J. Young, MD
      Daniel Kopans MD
      Daniel Vargas, MD
      Dann Martin, MD, MS
      Darren L. Transue, MD
      David Thompson, MD
      David W. Jordan, PhD, FACR, FAAPM
      Deborah Shatzkes, MD
      Derek Sun, MD
      Desiree M. Clement, MD
      Domenico Mastrodicasa, MD
      Doris Lin, MD, PhD
      Edward Lo, MD
      Elainea Smith, MD
      Elena Korngold, MD
      Eleza Golden, MD
      Elianna L. Goldstein, MD, MS
      Elizabeth A. Russ, MD
      Elizabeth England, MD
      Elizabeth H. Dibble, MD
      Elizabeth K. Arleo, MD, FACR, FSBI
      Elizabeth M. Hecht, MD, FSAR
      Elizabeth Morris, MD
      Elizabeth P. Maltin, MD, FACR
      Elizabeth Snyder, MD
      Emmanuel Carrodeguas, MD
      Erin A. Cooke, MD
      Erin Shropshire, MD
      Erin Simon Schwartz, MD, FACR
      Etta Pisano, MD
      Evan Lehrman, MD
      Faezeh Sodagari, MD
      Faisal Shah, MD, MBA
      Florence X. Doo, MD
      Francesca Rigiroli, MD
      George K. Vilanilam, MD
      Geraldine McGinty, MD
      Gina Landinez, MD
      Girish Bathla, MD
      Grace G. Zhu, MD
      Grace Gwe-Ya Kim, PhD
      Graham Keir, MD
      Habib Rahbar, MD
      Hailey Choi, MD
      Harmanpreet Bandesha, DO
      Harrison Lee, MD, MBA
      Haydee Ojeda-Fournier, MD, FSBI
      Heather Early, MD
      Heather Greenwood, MD
      Ichiro Ikuta, MD, MMSc
      Irena Dragojevic, PhD
      J. Hugo Decker MD, PhD
      James Matthew Kerchberger, MD, MPH
      Jamie Holtz, MD
      Jamie Hui, MD
      Jamie Lee Twist Schroeder, MD, DPhil
      Jana Ivanidze, MD, PhD
      Janine T. Katzen, MD
      Jason Chiang, MD, PhD
      Jeffers Nguyen, MD
      Jeffrey D Robinson, MD, MBA, FACR
      Jeffrey Shyu, MD, MPH, MA
      Jennifer C. Broder, MD
      Jennifer Chen, MD
      Jennifer J. Wan, MD
      Jennifer Kemp, MD, FACR
      Jennifer R. Buckley, MD, MBA
      Jennifer S. Weaver, MD
      Jesse M. Conyers, MD
      Jessica B. Robbins, MD
      Jessica Hayward, MD
      Jessica R. Leschied, MD
      Jessica Wen, MD, PhD
      Jiyon Lee, MD
      Jocelyn Park, MD
      Joelle Wazen, MD
      John Mongan, MD, PhD
      Jonathan Breslau, MD
      Jordan Cuskaden, MD
      Jordan Perchik, MD
      José Pablo Martínez Barbero, MD, PhD, EDiNR
      Jubin Jacob, MD
      Julia Schoen, MD, MS
      Justin Banaga, MD
      Kalpana Kanal, PhD, FACR
      Karla A. Sepulveda, MD
      Karyn Ledbetter, MD
      Katarzyna J. Macura, MD, PhD
      Katherine E. Maturen, MD MS
      Katherine Frederick-Dyer, MD
      Kathleen A. Ward, MD, FACR, FAAWR
      Kathryn McGillen, MD
      Katia Dodelzon, MD, FSBI
      Katie M. Davis, DO
      Kayla Cort, DO
      Kelly Kisling, PhD
      Kemi Babagbemi, MD, FACR
      Kevin C. McGill, MD, MPH
      Kevin J. Chang, MD, FACR, FSAR
      Kevin Terashima, MD
      Khashayar Farsad, MD, PhD
      Kimberly Feigin, MD
      Kimberly Kallianos MD
      Kimberly McFarland, MD
      Kimberly S. Winsor, MD
      Kimberly Seifert, MD, MS
      Kirang Patel, MD
      Kristin K. Porter, MD, PhD, FSAR
      Kristin M. Foley, MD
      Krupa Patel-Lippmann, MD
      Lacey J. McIntosh, DO
      Laura Barkley, MD
      Laura E. Heyneman, MD
      Laura Padilla, PhD
      Lauren Groner, DO
      Lauren M. Harry, MD, MS
      Lauren M. Ladd, MD
      Laurie Abrams, MD
      Leah H. Portnow, MD
      Leah Schafer, MD
      Leah Sieck, MD
      Leonard Morneau, MD
      Leslie Allen, MD
      Lindsay Busby, MD, MPH
      Lisa Kang, MD
      Lisa Walker, MD
      Lisa Wang, MD, MBA, MPH
      Lori Strachowski, MD, FSRU, FAOCR
      Lucy B. Spalluto, MD, MPH
      Luyao Shen, MD
      M. Victoria Marx, MD
      Majid Chalian, MD
      Margaret Fleming, MD, MSc
      Mariam Moshiri, MD
      Marianne R. Petruccelli, MD
      Mark D. Sugi, MD
      Mark P. Supanich, PhD
      Marla B.K. Sammer, MD, MHA
      Mary Tenenbaum, MD
      Maryellen Sun, MD, FACR, FSAR
      Masis Isikbay, MD
      Matthew J. Barkovich, MD
      Matthew J. Miller, MD
      Matthew S. Johnson, MD
      Maya Vella, MD
      Melika Rezaee, MD
      Melissa A. Davis, MD, MBA
      Melissa M. Chen, MD
      Meredith S. Byers, MD
      Meridith J. Englander, MD, FSIR, FACR
      Michael Durst, MD
      Michael Oumano, PhD
      Michael S. McCollum, DO
      Michelle Ouyang, MD
      Mignonne B. Morrell, MD
      Mitva Patel, MD
      Monica J. Wood, MD
      Morgan P. McBee, MD
      Nancy J. Fischbein, MD
      Narasim S. Murthy, MD
      Nataliya Kovalchuk, PhD
      Neil Lall, MD
      Neville Eclov, PhD
      Nicole Kurzbard Roach, MD
      Nikhil Madhuripan, MD
      Nikki S. Ariaratnam, MD
      Nina S. Vincoff, MD
      Nishanth Khanna, MD
      Nishita Kothary, MD, FSIR
      Noushin Yahyavi-Firouz-Abadi, MD
      Olga R. Brook, MD
      Orit A. Glenn, MD
      Pamela K. Woodard, MD
      Parag J. Patel, MD, MS
      Parisa Mazaheri, MD
      Patricia Rhyner MD, FACR
      Peter R. Eby, MD, FACR
      Pradnya Mhatre, MD
      Preethi Raghu, MD
      Priyanka Jha, MBBS
      Rachel F. Gerson, MD
      Rebecca Milman, PhD
      Rina Patel, MD
      Robert L. Gutierrez, MD
      Robert Marks, MD
      Robyn Gebhard, MD
      Rochelle F. Andreotti, MD, FACR, FAIUM, FSRU
      Rohini Nadgir, MD
      Rukya Masum, MD
      Ruth B. Goldstein, MD
      Ryan Manger, PhD
      Ryan Woods, MD, MPH
      Sabala Mandava, MD
      Samantha G. Harrington, MD, MSc
      Samir Parikh, MD, FACR
      Sammy Chu, MD, FRCPC
      Sandeep S. Arora, MBBS
      Sandra M. Meyers, PhD
      Sanjay Prabhu, MBBS
      Sara Shams, MD, PhD
      Sarah Nobles, MD
      Sarah Pittman, MD, FRCPC
      Sarah Rothan, MD
      Sejal N. Patel, MD
      Shabnam Mortazavi, MD, MPH
      Shalini V. Mukhi, MD
      Sheila Enamandram, MD, MBA
      Shelby Payne, MD
      Shravan Sridhar MD, MS
      Stephen Stein, MD, FACR
      Steven P. Poplack, MD
      Steven W. Hetts, MD, FACR
      Susan Richardson, PhD
      Suzanne Shepherd, MD
      Tarek A. Hijaz, MD
      Teresa Chapman, MD
      Theresa Caridi, MD, FSIR
      Thomas W. Loehfelm, MD, PhD
      Tiffany L. Chan, MD
      Tim Jenkins, MD
      Tina Shiang, MD
      Titania Juang, PhD
      Toshimasa J. Clark, MD
      Uzma Waheed, MD
      Valeria Potigailo, MD
      Vasantha Aaron, MD
      Vinil Shah, MD
      Virginia Planz, MD
      Vivek Kalia, MD, MPH
      Walid Ashmeik, MD
      Wendy DeMartini, MD
      William D. Donovan, MD, MPH, FACR
      William P. Dillon, MD
      Yasha Gupta, MD
      Yi Li, MD
      Yilun Koethe, MD
      Zachary Hartley-Blossom, MD, MBA
      Zhen Jane Wang, MD


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